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addftinfo(1) General Commands Manual addftinfo(1)


addftinfo - add font metrics to troff fonts for use with groff


addftinfo [-asc-height n] [-body-depth n] [-body-height n] [-cap-height n] [-comma-depth n] [-desc-depth n] [-fig-height n] [-x-height n] resolution unit-width font
addftinfo --help
addftinfo -v
addftinfo --version


addftinfo reads an AT&T troff font description file font, adds additional font metric information required by GNU troff(1), and writes the combined result to the standard output. The information added is derived from the font's existing parameters and assumptions about traditional troff names for characters. Among the font metrics added are the heights and depths of characters (how far each extends vertically above and below the baseline). The resolution and unit-width arguments should be the same as the corresponding parameters in the DESC file. font is the name of the file describing the font; if font ends with “I”, the font is assumed to be oblique (or italic).


--help displays a usage message, while -v and --version show version information; all exit afterward.

All other options change parameters that are used to derive the heights and depths. Like the existing quantities in the font description file, each value n is in scaled points, inches/resolution for a font whose type size is unit-width; see groff_font(5).

height of characters with ascenders, such as “b”, “d”, or “l”
depth of characters such as parentheses
height of characters such as parentheses
height of uppercase letters such as “A”
depth of a comma
depth of characters with descenders, such as “p”, “q”, or “y”
height of figures (numerals)
height of lowercase letters without ascenders such as “x”

addftinfo makes no attempt to use the specified parameters to infer unspecified parameters. If a parameter is not specified, the default will be used. The defaults are chosen to produce reasonable values for a Times font.

See also

groff_font(5), groff(1), groff_char(7)

30 April 2024 groff 1.23.0