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topic_cartography(1grass) GRASS GIS User's Manual topic_cartography(1grass)

Topic: cartography

d.barscale Displays a barscale on the graphics monitor.
d.graph Program for generating and displaying simple graphics on the display monitor.
d.grid Overlays a user-specified grid in the active display frame on the graphics monitor.
d.legend Displays a legend for a 2D or 3D raster map in the active frame of the graphics monitor.
d.legend.vect Displays a vector legend in the active graphics frame.
d.linegraph Generates and displays simple line graphs in the active graphics monitor display frame.
d.northarrow Displays a north arrow on the graphics monitor.
d.rast.leg Displays a raster map and its legend on a graphics window
d.text Draws text in the active display frame on the graphics monitor using the current font.
d.title Create a TITLE for a raster map in a form suitable for display with d.text.
d.vect.chart Displays charts of vector data in the active frame on the graphics monitor.
d.vect.thematic Displays a thematic vector map in the active graphics frame.

See also the corresponding keyword cartography for additional references.

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