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db.out.ogr(1grass) GRASS GIS User's Manual db.out.ogr(1grass)


db.out.ogr - Exports attribute tables into various formats.


database, export, output, attribute table


db.out.ogr --help
db.out.ogr input=name output=name [layer=string] format=string [table=name] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Allow output files to overwrite existing files

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog


GRASS table name
Or data source for direct OGR access

Output table file name or DB connection string

Layer number or name
Vector features can have category values in different layers. This number determines which layer to use. When used with direct OGR access this is the layer name.
Default: 1

Table format
Options: CSV, DBF, GML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Default: CSV

Name for output table (default: input name)


db.out.ogr exports GRASS GIS attribute tables into various formats as supported by the OGR driver on the local system (CSV, DBF, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, ODBC, etc.).

The output parameter is used to define the output file name (if the path is not defined, the module will attempt to write to the current directory). In case of a database connection as output, the connection string has to be specified.

The layer parameter is needed if the attribute table to be exported is linked as non-default layer to a vector map.


Export of GRASS GIS attribute table to a CSV table file (default format)

db.out.ogr input=precip_30ynormals output=precip_30ynormals.csv

Export of a GRASS GIS attribute table to a DBF table

db.out.ogr input=precip_30ynormals output=precip_30ynormals.dbf format=DBF

Export of GRASS GIS attribute table into a PostgreSQL table

db.out.ogr input=precip_30ynormals \
	   output="PG:host=localhost dbname=meteo user=neteler" \

format=PostgreSQL # verify echo "SELECT * FROM precip_30ynormals" | psql meteo



GRASS SQL interface


Markus Neteler
Converted to Python by Glynn Clements


Available at: db.out.ogr source code (history)

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