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GOLANG-GURU(1) General Commands Manual GOLANG-GURU(1)


golang-guru - Go source code guru


golang-guru [ flag ... ] mode position


The mode argument determines the query to perform:

show possible targets of selected function call
show possible callers of selected function
show path from callgraph root to selected function
show declaration of selected identifier
describe selected syntax: definition, methods, etc
show free variables of selection
show 'implements' relation for selected type or method
show send/receive corresponding to selected channel op
show variables the selected pointer may point to
show all refs to entity denoted by selected identifier
show basic information about the selected syntax node
show possible values of the selected error variable

The position argument specifies the filename and byte offset (or range) of the syntax element to query. For example:


The user manual is available here:


Write CPU profile to file.
Output format:

plain An editor-friendly format in which every line of output is of the form "pos: text", where pos is "-" if unknown. This is the default.

json Structured data in JSON syntax.

xml Structured data in XML syntax.

Read archive of modified files from standard input.

Files in this archive will be used in preference to those in the file system. In this way, a text editor may supply guru with the contents of its unsaved buffers. Each archive entry consists of the file name, a newline, the decimal file size, another newline, and the contents of the file.

Write points-to analysis log to file.
Analyze reflection soundly (slow).
Comma-separated list of packages the analysis should be limited to. Its value is a comma-separated list of patterns of these forms:	# a single package		# all packages beneath dir
	...				# the entire workspace.

A pattern preceded by '-' is negative, so the scope
matches all encoding packages except encoding/xml.

A list of build tags to consider satisfied during the build. For more information about build tags, see the description of build constraints in the documentation for the go/build package (default <tagsFlag>).


Describe the syntax at offset 530 in this file (an import spec):

      golang-guru describe src/


This manual page was written by Michael Stapelberg <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).