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GOCODE(1) General Commands Manual GOCODE(1)


gocode - autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language


gocode [-s][-f=<format>][-in=<path>][-sock=<type>][-addr=<addr>]
<command> [<args>]


This manual page documents briefly the gocode command.

gocode is an autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language. It is intended to be integraded with a source code editor, such as Emacs or Vim.


Address for tcp socket
Output format (vim | emacs | nice | csv | json)
Use this file instead of stdin input
Run a server instead of a client
socket type (unix | tcp)


main autocompletion command
close the gocode daemon
gocode daemon status report
drop gocode daemon's cache
list or set config options


This manual page was written by Hilko Bengen <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).