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git-annex-map(1) General Commands Manual git-annex-map(1)


git-annex-map - generate map of repositories


git annex map


Helps you keep track of your repositories, and the connections between them, by going out and looking at all the ones it can get to, and generating a Graphviz file displaying it all. If the xdot or dot command is available, it is used to display the file to your screen.

This command only connects to hosts that the host it's run on can directly connect to. It does not try to tunnel through intermediate hosts. So it might not show all connections between the repositories in the network

Also, if connecting to a host requires a password, you might have to enter it several times as the map is being built.

Note that this subcommand can be used to graph any git repository; it is not limited to git-annex repositories.


Ovals are repositories. White is regular, green is trusted, red is untrusted, and grey is dead.

Arrows between repositories are connections via git remotes.

Light blue boxes are hosts that were mapped, and contain the repositories on that host.


Don't display the generated Graphviz file, but save it for later use.
git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.




Joey Hess <>