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GIFTI_TEST(1) User Commands GIFTI_TEST(1)


gifti_test - test reading/writing a GIFTI dataset


gifti_test [...]


Show usage help.
Show giftilib history.
Show giftilib version.
Set the data encoding for any output file.
TYPE = ASCII : ASCII encoding
TYPE = BASE64 : base64 binary
TYPE = BASE64GZIP : base64 compressed binary
Write out dataset as gifti image.
Specify INPUT as the GIFTI dataset to read.
Do not write out data.
Show final gifti image.
Restrict output to list of length LEN.
Set verbose level.


1. read in a GIFTI dataset (verbose, show output?)
gifti_test -infile dset.gii
gifti_test -infile dset.gii -verb 3
gifti_test -infile dset.gii -show
2. copy a GIFTI dataset (check differences?)
gifti_test -infile dset.gii -gfile copy.gii
diff dset.gii copy.gii
3. copy a GIFTI data, but write out only 3 surf indices: 0,4,5
gifti_test -infile time_series.gii -gfile ts3.gii -slist 3 0 4 5




Richard Reynolds - SSCC, DIRP, NIMH, National Institutes of Health

This manual page was written by Michael Hanke <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

June 2010 gifti_test