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gfdump.postgresql - dump/restore Gfarm metadata


gfdump.postgresql -d [options]

gfdump.postgresql -r [options]


gfdump.postgresql dumps/restores metadata of Gfarm, managed by PostgreSQL running as a backend database. You need to execute this command on the host that the backend database of PostgreSQL is running. The command reads gfmd.conf, the configuration file of gfmd to get access information about the backend database. If gfmd is configured in the non-private mode, the root privilege is required to read the file.

When gfdump.postgresql is executed with -d option, it dumps the database to the file db.out at the current directory.

When it is executed with -r option, it restores the database from the dump file, db.out at the current directory. More specifically, it does the followings.

1.Stop gfmd if running.

2.Remove the current database.

3.Create a database again.

4.Restore a database from the dump file.

5.Delete the current journal file of gfmd, if exists.

6.Start gfmd again.


--prefix path

If this option is given, gfdump.postgresql reads PREFIX/etc/gfmd.conf as the configuration file of gfmd. By default, it reads %%SYSCONFDIR%%/etc/gfmd.conf.

-P prefix

Specify an installation prefix of the backend database (e.g. /usr/local). When gfdump.postgresql executes a PostgreSQL command such as pg_dump, it assumes the command is installed under the given prefix. If this option is omitted, gfdump.postgresql searches directories listed in the environment variable PATH for the commands.


Specify a path to the directory where the backend database puts files to store metadata of Gfarm.

If the backend database is PostgreSQL, the directory is commonly called PGDATA directory. The default is PREFIX/var/gfarm-pgsql where PREFIX is a prefix given by --prefix option.

-f file

Specify the name of dump file. The default is db.out at the current directory.


Show usage, then exit.


Show values of configurable parameters in human readable format, then exit immediately.


Dump mode.


Do not start/stop gfmd.


Restore mode.



configuration file for gfmd


pg_dump(1), dropdb(1), createdb(1), psql(1), gfmd(8)

30 Jan 2015 Gfarm