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getmail_fetch(1) User Commands getmail_fetch(1)


getmail_fetch - retrieve messages from one or more POP3 or POP3-over-SSL mailboxes and deliver to a maildir, mboxrd-format mbox file, or external MDA




getmail_fetch retrieves messages from POP3 or POP3-over-SSL mailboxes and delivers to a maildir, mboxrd, or external MDA. This command is intended primarily for scripting, and as such does not require a client-side configuration file, and does not record any state.

The DESTINATION argument is interpreted as follows:

If it begins with a dot or a slash and ends with a slash, it is assumed to be a path to a maildir.

If it begins with a dot or a slash and does not end with a slash, it is assumed to be a path to an mboxrd file.

If it begins with a pipe, it is assumed to be a path to an external MDA command. Note that arguments can be included in this string by separating them by whitespace; untrusted data must not be used in constructing this string.


show program's version number and exit
show a short usage summary and exit
output information messages while running
output only on error
read well-formatted RFC822 message from FILE and deliver prior to connecting to POP server
use port PORT instead of default (POP3: 110, POP3-over-SSL: 995)
delete messages from server after delivery
use timeout of TIMEOUT seconds instead of default 180
use APOP authentication
use POP3-over-SSL


Written by Charles Cazabon and others.


Report bugs to <>

IMPORTANT: include the output of getmail [options] --dump with any bug report.


Copyright © 1998-2024 Charles Cazabon and others.
This is free software; see the file COPYING for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


The full documentation for getmail is maintained in HTML and plaintext formats. See the included files for details.

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