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GT-ENCSEQ-INFO(1) GenomeTools Manual GT-ENCSEQ-INFO(1)


gt-encseq-info - Display meta-information about an encoded sequence.


gt encseq info [option ...] indexname


-nomap [yes|no]

do not map encoded sequence (gives less information) (default: no)

-mirrored [yes|no]

use mirrored encoded sequence (DNA only) (default: no)

-noindexname [yes|no]

do not output index name (default: no)

-show_alphabet [yes|no]

output alphabet definition (default: no)

-n50 [yes|no]

show N50 values (minimum length of largest sequences for covering at least 50% of total sequence length) (default: no)

-o [filename]

redirect output to specified file (default: undefined)

-gzip [yes|no]

write gzip compressed output file (default: no)

-bzip2 [yes|no]

write bzip2 compressed output file (default: no)

-force [yes|no]

force writing to output file (default: no)


display help and exit


display version information and exit


Report bugs to

11/28/2022 GenomeTools 1.6.2