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GEG(1) General Commands Manual GEG(1)


geg - a GTK+ Equation Grapher


geg [options]


geg is a small tool which will draw 2-dimensional mathematical functions within a nice user interface. You can use the mouse to zoom into the graph and solve function or axis intersections.


In addition to the graphical user interface, the command line can be used as a basic calculator or equation solver (see inline help for details). The following options are available:

Show version of program.
Specify the X display to open, for example noether.math:0. See X(1) for further info.


geg versions 1.0.x were written by David Bryant <> (1998-2000) Versions 2.0.x are due to Jean-Pierre Demailly, Universite Grenoble Alpes, <> (2016)