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gant(1) General Commands Manual gant(1)


gant - A build framework based on scripting Ant task using Groovy.


gant [options] [target [target2 [target3] ...]]


gant is a tool for working with Ant tasks but using Groovy as the scripting language rather than using XML as a specification language.

By default it takes information from build.gant which describes the targets.

Whether to cache the generated class and perform modified checks on the file before re-compilation.
Print debug levels of information.
Use the named build file instead of the default, build.gant.
Print out this message.
A directory that contains classes to be used as extra Gant modules,
Do not actually action any tasks.
Print out a list of the possible targets.
Do not print out much when executing.
Print out nothing when executing.
Print lots of extra information.
The directory where to cache generated classes to.
Define <name> to have value <value>. Creates a variable named <name> for use in the scripts and a property named <name> for the Ant tasks.
Add a directory to search for jars and classes.
Specify a path list to search for jars and classes.
Print out a list of the possible targets.
Print the version number and exit.


Gant and this manpage written by Russel Winder <>.

2008-05-24 Russel Winder