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g15stats(1) G15Daemon User Manual g15stats(1)


g15stats - A CPU/Memory/Swap usage meter for G15Daemon


The packages provides the following usage meter for LCD on some Logitech keyboards, usind g15daemon:

CPU Screen displays graphs of User/System/Nice and Idle time, along with LoadAVG and Uptime.

Memory Screen displays Memory Total & Free, and graph of Used vs Buffered+Cached Memory.

Swap Screen displays Used, Free and Total swap space, along with the number
of pages currently paged in/out.

Network Screen displays Total bytes In/Out, history graph, Peak speed.


g15stats understands the following options:

-h,--help show usage information.

-d,--daemon run in background.

-i,--interface [interface] monitor network interface [interface] ie -i eth0.

-nsa,--net-scale-absolute scale net graphs against maximum speed seen.


Mike Lampard


g15daemon(1), libg15(3),

14 Feb 2008 G15Daemon - g15stats