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snap2tzx(1) Emulators snap2tzx(1)


snap2tzx — Convert ZX Spectrum snapshot to .tzx tape images


snap2tzx [-1 string] [-2 string] [-b colour] [-g string] [-l string] [-o filename] [-r] [-s speed] [-v] [-$ filename] snapshot


snap2tzx converts a ZX Spectrum snapshot into a .tzx tape image.


-1 string
causes string (which has a maximum of 32 characters) to be shown while loading.
-2 string
causes string (maximum 32 characters) to also be shown while loading.
-b colour
specifies the border colour while loading.
-g string
causes string (maximum 32 characters) to be used as the game name while loading.
-l string
causes string (maximum 8 characters) to be used as the BASIC filename in the loader.
-o filename
causes the output to be sent to filename.
causes the final line of attribute data in the loading screen to be bright.
-s speed
specifies the speed of the loader; available values for speed are 0 (1500 bps), 1 (2250 bps), 2 (3000 bps), 3 (4500 bps), 4 (5000 bps) and 5 (6000 bps).
specifies verbose output.
-$ filename
specifies that the ZX Spectrum screen stored in filename should be used as the loading screen.
give brief usage help, listing available options.
output version information.
specifies the snapshot (in a format supported by libspectrum(3)) to be converted.

In any string parameter, the tilde (~) will be converted into a copyright symbol.


None known.


fuse(1), fuse-utils(1), libspectrum(3), listbasic(1), snapconv(1)

The comp.sys.sinclair Spectrum FAQ, at


Philip Kendall (

Tomaz Kac wrote z802tzx (, on which snap2tzx is very heavily based.

Martijn van der Heide wrote the turbo-loading code, originally for Taper (

1st July, 2018 Version 1.4.3