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ipa-restore(1) IPA Manual Pages ipa-restore(1)


ipa-restore - Restore an IPA master


ipa-restore [OPTION]... BACKUP


Only the name of the backup needs to be passed in, not the full path. Backups are stored in a subdirectory in /var/lib/ipa/backup. If a backup is in another location then the full path must be provided.


The restoration on other masters needs to be done carefully, to match the replication topology, working outward from the restored master. For example, if your topology is A <-> B <-> C and you restored master A you would restore B first, then C.


The Directory Manager password.
Restore the data only. The default is to restore everything in the backup.
Exclude the IPA service log files in the backup (if they were backed up).
Perform the restore on-line. Requires data-only backup or the --data option.
Restore only the databases in this 389-ds instance. The default is to restore all found (at most this is the IPA REALM instance and the PKI-IPA instance). Requires data-only backup or the --data option.
The backend to restore within an instance or instances. Requires data-only backup or the --data option.
Print debugging information
Alias for --verbose
Output only errors
Log to the given file


0 if the command was successful

1 if an error occurred


GNUPGHOME Use custom GnuPG keyring and settings (default: ~/.gnupg).



The default directory for storing backup files.


The log file for restoration


ipa-backup(1) gpg2(1)

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