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FCITX(1) General Commands Manual FCITX(1)


fcitx - Free Chinese Input Toy of X - a Chinese IME for XIM


fcitx [OPTION]


This manual page documents briefly the fcitx command.

fcitx is a Chinese IME for XIM intentionally designed not to depend on any Desktop Environment. It includes Pinyin and Table for input by default, but it can also support other Input Method.


replace existing fcitx
run as daemon(default)
don't run as daemon
override delay start time in config file, 0 for immediate start
force to use specified user interface
specify a comma separated list for addon that will override the enable option
specify a comma separated list for addon that will explicitly disabled, priority is higher than --enable
display the version information and exit
display help and exit


If $XMODIFIERS is set, fcitx will run with the name that specified in $XMODIFIERS , otherwise it will run with im name fcitx.


Please see the homepage at