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EMNM(1) User Commands EMNM(1)


emnm - emscripten wrapper around llvm-nm


OVERVIEW: LLVM symbol table dumper

USAGE: /usr/bin/llvm-nm-14 [options] <input object files>


Alias for --print-file-name
Alias for --debug-syms
Alias for --format=bsd
Alias for --demangle
Show all symbols, even debugger only
Show only defined symbols
Demangle C++ symbol names
Display dynamic symbols instead of normal symbols
Alias for --dynamic
Show only external symbols

--format=<format> Specify output format: bsd (default), posix, sysv, darwin, just-symbols

Alias for --format
Alias for --extern-only
Display this help
Alias for --help
Alias for --format=just-symbols
Alias for --format=darwin
Don't demangle symbol names
Disable LLVM bitcode reader
Show symbols in order encountered
Show only non-weak symbols
Sort symbols by address
Alias for --numeric-sort
Alias for --print-file-name
Alias for --format=posix
Print the archive map

--print-file-name Precede each symbol with the object file it came from

Show symbol size as well as address
Alias for --format=posix
Alias for --no-sort
Suppress 'no symbols' diagnostic
Radix (o/d/x) for printing symbol Values
Sort in reverse order
Alias for --reverse-sort
Sort symbols by size
Do not filter special symbols from the output
Alias for --print-size
Alias for --radix
Show only undefined symbols
Alias for --undefined-only
Display the version
Alias for --version
Alias for --numeric-sort

llvm-nm Mach-O Specific Options:

Add symbols from the dyldinfo not already in the symbol table

--add-inlinedinfo Add symbols from the inlined libraries, TBD only

architecture(s) from a Mach-O file to dump
Show only symbols from the dyldinfo
Don't add any symbols from the dyldinfo
Dump only symbols from this segment and section name
Print symbol entry in hex

Pass @FILE as argument to read options from FILE.

July 2022 emnm 3.1.6~dfsg