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md_src_plugins_csvstorage_README(3elektra) Elektra md_src_plugins_csvstorage_README(3elektra)


md_src_plugins_csvstorage_README - README

  • infos = Information about the csvstorage plugin is in keys below
  • infos/author = Thomas Waser
  • infos/licence = BSD
  • infos/needs =
  • infos/provides = storage
  • infos/placements = getstorage setstorage
  • infos/description = parses csv files

This plugin allows you to read and write CSV files within Elektra.


delimiter Tells the plugin what delimiter is used in the file. The default delimiter is , and will be used if delimiter is not set.

header Tells the plugin to use the first line as a header if it's set to 'colname'. The columns will get the corresponding names. Skip the first line if it's set to 'skip' or treat the first line as a record if it's set to 'record'. If header is not set, or set to 'record', the columns get named #0,#1,... (array key naming)

columns If this key is set the plugin will yield an error for every file that doesn't have exactly the amount of columns ans specified in columns.

columns/names Sets the column names. Only usable in combination with the columns key. The number of subkeys must match the number of columns. Conflicts with usage of header.


First line should determine the headers:

kdb mount test.csv /csv csvstorage "delimiter=;,header=colname,columns=2,columns/names,columns/names/#0=col0Name,columns/names/#1=col1Name"


Does not work on file streams (e.g. kdb import without file)
Sun May 29 2016 Version 0.8.14