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md_doc_help_kdb-vset(3elektra) Elektra md_doc_help_kdb-vset(3elektra)


md_doc_help_kdb-vset - kdb-vset(1) - Set the value of a key with a validation regular expression kdb vset <path> <value> <regex> [<message>]

Where path is the path to the key the user wishes to set, value is the value the user wishes to set, and regex is the regular expression that should be used for validation. The optional parameter message is a user-defined message that will be displayed when a user tries to set the key to a value that doesn't match the regular expression.


This command allows the user to set the value of a key and create a validation regular expression which future sets are checked against. This command supports regular expressions as defined in extended regular expressions. If a user tries to set a value that does not match the regular expression, a user-defined message is returned.

Note: In order for this command to work, the validation plugin must be mounted where the key resides.


  • -H, --help: Show the man page.
  • -V, --version: Print version info.


To set the user/example/key key to the value a and validate that any future sets must match the regular expression a*: kdb vset user/example/key a a+ 'The value of this key must only consist of one more of the letter a'


Use kdb info validation to get information about the validation plugin.
Sun May 29 2016 Version 0.8.14