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md_doc_help_kdb-fstab(3elektra) Elektra md_doc_help_kdb-fstab(3elektra)


md_doc_help_kdb-fstab - kdb-fstab(1) -- Create a new fstab entry kdb fstab <key-path> <fs_spec> <fs_file> <fs_vfstype> <fs_mntops>

Where key-path is the path the where the key should be stored in the key database. The other arguments are as described in fstab(5).


This command is used to create a new fstab entry. Due to the unique format of fstab entries, it is not possible to set individual elements of new fstab entries. This command is used to gather all the data needed to create a single fstab entry in order to bypass the issue of not being able to set individual elements. This command will create the new entry with a name of ZZZNewFstabName which should then automatically be renamed by the fstab plugin.


  • -H, --help: Show the man page.
  • -V, --version: Print version info.
  • -v, --verbose: Explain what is happening.


To create an fstab entry to mount dev/sdb1 to /media/external stored in the key system/fstab/sdb1: kdb fstab system/fstab/sdb1 /dev/sdb1 /media/external ext4 errors=remount-ro


Use kdb info fstab to get information about the fstab plugin.
Sun May 29 2016 Version 0.8.14