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kdb::tools(3elektra) Elektra kdb::tools(3elektra)


kdb::tools - This namespace is for the libtool library.


Data Structures

class Backend
A representation of the backend (= set of plugins) that can be mounted. struct BackendInfo
Info about a backend. class Backends
Allows one to list backends. class Modules
Allows one to load plugins. class Plugin
This is a C++ representation of a plugin. class Plugins
A collection of plugins (either get, set or error) struct ToolException
All exceptions from the elektratools library are derived from this exception.


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, Backend const &b)
Prints the current status.

Detailed Description

This namespace is for the libtool library.


You have to link against libelektratools if you want to use functionality from it. Contrary to classes in namespace kdb it is not header-only.

See also:

Backend for an entry point

Function Documentation

std::ostream & kdb::tools::operator<< (std::ostream & os, Backend const & b)

Prints the current status.


os stream to print to
b backend to get status from


ref to stream


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