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doc_markdownlinkconverter_README_md(3elektra) Elektra doc_markdownlinkconverter_README_md(3elektra)


doc_markdownlinkconverter_README_md - Markdown Link Converter The Markdown link Converter, which filters markdown pages before the processing of doxygen, converts the links in markdown pages. It is set up as input filter in doxygen, if a markdown file is desired to be in the API documentation it only must have the extension .md and be in the INPUT path.

The Markdown link Converter gives each markdown file a header { #header } which is attached to a title and converts the links to refer to this headers. This conversion happens in 2 passes, which is needed because there can be files with no title.

Usage for manual invocation

markdownlinkconverter [<cmake-cache-file>] <input-file>

The <input-file> parameter must be an absolute path!


  • Links starting with @ref, # for anchors and http for extern links wont be touched.
  • Links to source code files wont be touched ether.
  • To refer to a folder use / at the end of a link. This feature was introduced to be compatible with github, where you can show the content of a folder in combination with the of the containing folder. Links ending with / will be changed to /
  • To refer to source files, start the link with
  • Anchors wont work in imported markdown pages.

Further improvements (which will be introduced in a later version):

  • redirect links to code files right
  • optimize pdf output (also UTF-8 encoding)
  • valid link checker
  • if title contains --, this should be
Sun May 29 2016 Version 0.8.14