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KDB(1) KDB(1)


kdb - key database access tools

Elektra provides a universal and secure framework to store configuration parameters in a global, hierarchical key database.

The core is a small library implemented in C. The plugin-based framework fulfills many configuration-related tasks to avoid any unnecessary code duplication across applications while it still allows the core to stay without any external dependency. Elektra abstracts from cross-platform-related issues with an consistent API, and allows applications to be aware of other applications´ configurations, leveraging easy application integration.


The man pages can also be viewed online at:

And the page you are currently reading at:

Concepts are in man page section 7 and are prefixed with elektra-. You should start reading elektra-introduction(7)

Tools are in man page section 1 and are prefixed with kdb-. You should start reading kdb-introduction(1)

Documentation of plugins is available using the kdb-info(1) tool. Run kdb list for a list of plugins.

The man pages are also displayed when invoking a kdb-tool with --help.


Commonly used options for all programs:
-H, --help
Show the man page.
-V, --version
Print version info.