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VMSMAIL.CONF(5) File Formats Manual VMSMAIL.CONF(5)


/etc/vmsmail.conf - VMSmail configuration file


/etc/vmsmail.conf is an ASCII file which contains names and values of configuration variables for the VMSmail gateway programs.

There is one entry per line, and each line has the format:


Valid values for <name> are

The name of the gateway machine (to put in the mail header). Defaults to the value returned by gethostname(2).
The name of the user associated with sending mail from VMS to Linux. Defaults to vmsmail.
The name of the SMTP mail host to send mail to. If this entry is omitted them vmsmaild will send mail by running 'sendmail' on the local machine.

EXAMPLE username=vms
30 December 1998 DECnet for Linux