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DECNET.CONF(5) File Formats Manual DECNET.CONF(5)


/etc/decnet.conf - DECnet hosts file


/etc/decnet.conf is an ASCII file which contains the description of the executor node and other DECnet nodes you plan to communicate with.

There is one entry per line, and each line has the format:

Type Address Name_tag Nodename Line_tag Device

The field descriptions are:

the type of node. The local node uses "executor". Remote nodes use "node"
the DECnet address.
the constant string "name".
the constant string "line". There must be only one line specified for the executor node.
the name of the Ethernet card for DECnet operations. (Usually "eth0").


#Node Node Name Node Line Line #Type Address Tag Name Tag Device #---- ------- ---- ---- ---- ---------- executor 1.2 name pclnx line eth0 node 1.1 name mv3100 node 1.5 name pc386
24 July 1998 DECnet for Linux