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TEXT2TT(1) General Commands Manual TEXT2TT(1)


text2tt - Convert text to Touch Tone representation


text2tt text ...


text2tt converts text to the Touch Tone sequence used by APRStt. There are two types of encoding:

Multi-Press - Used for comments.

Letters are represented by one or more presses of the same key depending on their order listed on the button. e.g. Press 5 key once for J, twice for K, thrice for L.

To specify a digit use the number of letters listed on the button plus one. e.g. Press 5 key four times to get digit 5. When two characters in a row use the same key, use the "A" key as a separator.

Two-Key - Used for callsigns.

Digits are represented by a single key press.

Letters (or space) are represented by the corresponding key followed by A, B, C, or D depending on the order of the letter in the order listed.

This application will convert using both methods.



text2tt abcdefg 0123

Push buttons for multi-press method:


Push buttons for two-key method:



More detailed information is in the PDF files at

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