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wcurl(1) User Commands wcurl(1)


wcurl - a simple wrapper around curl to easily download files.


wcurl [--curl-options <CURL_OPTIONS>]... [--dry-run] [--] <URL>...
wcurl [--curl-options=<CURL_OPTIONS>]... [--dry-run] [--] <URL>...
wcurl -V|--version
wcurl -h|--help


wcurl is a simple curl wrapper which lets you use curl to download files without having to remember any parameters.

Simply call wcurl with a list of URLs you want to download and wcurl will pick sane defaults.

If you need anything more complex, you can provide any of curl's supported parameters via the --curl-options option. Just beware that you likely should be using curl directly if your use case is not covered.

• Encode whitespaces in URLs;
• Download multiple URLs in parallel if the installed curl's version is >= 7.66.0;
• Follow redirects;
• Automatically choose a filename as output;
• Avoid overwriting files if the installed curl's version is >= 7.83.0 (--no-clobber);
• Perform retries;
• Set the downloaded file timestamp to the value provided by the server, if available;
• Default to the protocol used as https if the URL doesn't contain any.
• Disable curl's URL globbing parser so {} and [] characters in URLs are not treated specially.


Specify extra options to be passed when invoking curl. May be specified more than once.
Don't actually execute curl, just print what would be invoked.
Print version information.
Print help message.


Any option supported by curl can be set here. This is not used by wcurl; it's instead forwarded to the curl invocation.


Anything which is not a parameter will be considered an URL. wcurl will encode whitespaces and pass that to curl, which will perform the parsing of the URL.


Download a single file:

Download two files in parallel:

Download a file passing the --progress-bar and --http2 flags to curl:
wcurl --curl-options="--progress-bar --http2"

Resume from an interrupted download (if more options are used, this needs to be the last one in the list):
wcurl --curl-options="--continue-at -"


Samuel Henrique <>
Sergio durigan junior <>
Ryan Carsten Schmidt <>
Ben Zanin


If you experience any problems with wcurl that you do not experience with curl, submit an issue on the Debian Bug Tracking System.

Alternatively, you can also submit an issue on Github or Debian's salsa:


wcurl is licensed under the curl license



2024.07.10 wcurl