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phm2pj(1) Engineering phm2pj(1)


phm2pj - calculate projections through a phantom object.


phm2pj outfile ndet nview [--phantom phantom-name] [--phmfile filename] [OPTIONS]


phm2pj calculates projections through a phantom object, either a predefined --phantom or a --phmfile.


Name of output file for projections
Number of detectors

Number of rotated views

Predefined phantom to use for projection: can be one of
Herman head phantom
Herman head phantom (Bordered)
Shepp-Logan head phantom
Shepp-Logan head phantom (Bordered)
Unit pulse phantom
Get Phantom from phantom file
Description of raysum
Number of rays per detector (default = 1)
Degrees to rotate view through (multiple of PI) (default = 1)
Geometry of scanning
Parallel scan beams (default)
Equilinear divergent scan beams
Equiangular divergent scan beams
Focal length ratio (ratio to radius of phantom) (default = 1)
Field of view (ratio to diameter of phantom square) (default = 1)
Trace level to use, one of:
No tracing (default)
Trace text level
Verbose mode
Debug mode
Print version
Print a terse help message


Kevin Rosenberg, M.D. <>


CTSim was begun in 1983 using MS-DOS and an EGA display adapter. In 1999 it was ported to GNU/Linux and later ported to Microsoft Windows.


ctsim(1) ctsimtext(1) if1(1) if2(1) ifinfo(1) linogram(1) phm2helix(1) phm2if(1) pj2if(1) pjHinterp(1) pjinfo(1) pjrec(1)

Kevin Rosenberg