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CRON-DEJA-VU(1) User Commands CRON-DEJA-VU(1)


cron-deja-vu - is a mail filter designed to handle recurring cron mails


cron-deja-vu <options>


cron-deja-vu is a filter for cron generated mail. it expects mails which only differ in small amounts. Matching is done, by matching line by line against already learned mails. If a mail is matched, the header X-deja-vu is set to yes. Otherwise the header is set to, no and if specified the header X-deja-vuline will contain lines of the mail which did not match.


show program's version number and exit
show this help message and exit
test against mail from filename
build database from maildir
show first <num> of not matched lines in header
show debug output
July 2011 cron-deja-vu 0.1