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Courier::Filter::Module::MIMEParts(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Courier::Filter::Module::MIMEParts(3pm)


Courier::Filter::Module::MIMEParts - Message (MIME multipart and ZIP archive) parts filter module for the Courier::Filter framework


As of Courier::Filter 0.13, the MIMEParts filter module is deprecated in favor of the new Parts filter module, which is compatible but a lot more powerful. The MIMEParts module will be removed in Courier::Filter 0.20. You can still instantiate MIMEParts modules in your config file for now, but what will be created is really nothing more than Parts modules. See Courier::Filter::Module::Parts for the interface description.


Courier::Filter::Module::Parts, Courier::Filter::Module, Courier::Filter::Overview.

For AVAILABILITY, SUPPORT, and LICENSE information, see Courier::Filter::Overview.


Julian Mehnle <>

2022-10-21 perl v5.34.0