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MKDHPARAMS(8) Double Precision, Inc. MKDHPARAMS(8)


mkdhparams - Create new DH parameters for the Courier Mail Server




This script is intended to be executed from a cron job, monthly. If the file /etc/courier/dhparams.pem is older than 25 days, the script creates a new file. This file contains pregenerated DH parameters for the Courier Mail Server.

The DH_BITS environment variable, if set controls the length of the generated DH parameters. It gets passed, verbatim, to either the dhparam OpenSSL command, or the --sec-param option to GnuTLS's certtool. The default value is 768 for OpenSSL, and “high” for GnuTLS.


Sam Varshavchik

10/28/2020 Courier Mail Server