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confuga_adm(1) Cooperative Computing Tools confuga_adm(1)


Confuga Administration - Administrating the Confuga cluster.


confuga_adm [options] <Confuga URI> <command> [command options] ...


Performs administrative commands on the Confuga cluster.

For complete details with examples, see the Confuga User's Manual (


-d, --debug=<flag>
Enable debugging for this sybsystem
 -h, --help
Give help information.
-o, --debug-file=<file>
Write debugging output to this file. By default, debugging is sent to stderr (":stderr"). You may specify logs be sent to stdout (":stdout"), to the system syslog (":syslog"), or to the systemd journal (":journal").
 -v, --version
Show version info.


  • sn-add [-r <root>] [-p <password file>] <"uuid"|"address"> <uuid|address> Add a storage node to the cluster. Using the UUID of the Chirp server is recommended.
  • sn-rm [options] <"uuid"|"address"> <uuid|address> Remove a storage from the cluster. Using the UUID of the Chirp server is recommended. The storage node is removed when Confuga no longer relies on it to maintain minimum replication for files and when the storage node completes all running jobs.


Add a storage node with Confuga state stored in /u/joe/confuga:

confuga_adm sn-add -r /u/joe/confuga address

Remove a storage node:

confuga_adm sn-rm address


The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Douglas Thain and Copyright (C) 2005-2015 The University of Notre Dame. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.



CCTools 7.0.9 FINAL