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circusctl - circus daemon control insterface


circusctl [options] command [args]


circusctl is front end to control the Circus daemon. It is designed to help the administrator control the functionning of the Circud circusd daemon.


Add a watcher
Decrement the number of processes in a watcher
Get circusd stats
Get the value of specific watcher options
Get the arbiter options
Increment the number of processes in a watcher
Create shell into circusd process
Get list of watchers or processes in a watcher
Subscribe to a watcher event
Get the list of sockets
Get the number of processes
Get the number of watchers
Get the value of all options for a watcher
Quit the arbiter immediately
Reload the arbiter or a watcher
Reload the configuration file
Restart the arbiter or a watcher
Remove a watcher
Set a watcher option
Send a signal
Start the arbiter or a watcher
Get process infos
Get the status of a watcher or all watchers
Stop watchers


connection endpoint
Show the help message and exit
output to JSON
prettify output
SSH Server in the format user@host:port
path to the keyfile to authorise the user
connection timeout
Displays Circus version and exits.


circus (1), circusd (1), circusd-stats (1), circus-plugin (1), circus-top (1).

Full Documentation is available at


David Douard

November 30, 2015 0.12.1