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CHEF-APPLY(8) chef-client CHEF-APPLY(8)


chef-apply - The man page for the chef-apply command line tool.

chef-apply allows a single recipe to be run from the command line.


This command has the following syntax:

chef-apply name_of_recipe.rb

This tool has the following options:

Use to execute a resource using a string.
-l LEVEL, --log_level LEVEL
The level of logging that will be stored in a log file.
-s, --stdin
Use to execute a resource using standard input.
-v, --version
The version of the chef-client.
-W, --why-run
Use to run the executable in why-run mode, which is a type of chef-client run that does everything except modify the system. Use why-run mode to understand why the chef-client makes the decisions that it makes and to learn more about the current and proposed state of the system.
-h, --help
Shows help for the command.


To use chef-apply to run a recipe named machinations.rb, enter the following:

$ chef-apply machinations.rb


Chef 12.0