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chasquid(1) chasquid(1)


chasquid - SMTP (email) server


chasquid [options...]


chasquid is an SMTP (email) server with a focus on simplicity, security, and ease of operation.

It's written in Go, and distributed under the Apache license 2.0.


configuration directory (default /etc/chasquid)
configuration values (in text protobuf format) to override the on-disk configuration with. This should only be needed in very specific cases for deployments where editing the configuration file is not feasible.
also log to stderr, in addition to the file
file to log to (enables logtime)
include the time when writing the log to stderr
log to syslog, with the given tag
verbosity level (1 = debug)
show version and exit


The daemon's configuration is by default in /etc/chasquid/, and can be changed with the -config_dir flag.

Inside that directory, the daemon expects the following structure:

Main config file, see chasquid.conf(5).
Per-domain configuration.
Domain-specific configuration. Can be empty.
User and password database for this domain.
Aliases for the domain.
Certificates to use, one directory per pair.
Certificates for this domain.
Certificate (full chain).
Private key.

Note the certs/ directory layout matches the one from certbot(1) (client for Let's Encrypt CA), so you can just symlink certs/ to /etc/letsencrypt/live.

Make sure the user you use to run chasquid under ("mail" in the example config) can access the certificates and private keys.


Main website <>.

If you have any questions, comments or patches please send them to the mailing list, "". To subscribe, send an email to "".


chasquid-util(1), chasquid.conf(5)