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cdde.xml(5) cdde.xml(5)


cdde.xml - Configuration file for cdde


When cdde is run for the first time, an example xml configuration file (~/.cdde.xml) is created for you:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cdde delay="5000000">
<drive path="/dev/cdrom">
<audio command="echo An audio cd was inserted."/>
<data command="echo A data cd was inserted."/>
<dvd command="echo A dvd was inserted."/>
<vcd command="echo A vcd was inserted."/>
<svcd command="echo A svcd was inserted."/>
<blank command="echo A blank cdr/dvdr was inserted."/>
<mixed command="echo A mixed (audio/data) cd was inserted."/>

This default file is not very useful, and so I suggest you to edit it to your needs before running cdde again. You may add as many drive entries, or commands as you like. If multiple entries are found for a type of disc then all entries will be run in the order they are found.

The specific device in use can be passed to the command with one of the following special tags:

%dev% - is replaced with the device name of the cdrom that
just had a disc inserted

%mnt% - is replaced with the listed mount point for the
cdrom that just had a disc inserted

Note: %mnt% is determined through your fstab (usually located in /etc) file. If you do not have a listing for each <drive> in the fstab this will cause problems.

This way, you can tell your video player which device to use when playing a VCD, for example.


This is an example of ~/.cdde.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cdde delay="5000000">
<drive path="/dev/cdroms/cdrom0"/>
<audio command="xmms %mnt%"/>
<data command="mount %mnt%"/>
command="xterm -iconic -e mplayer -fs -xineramascreen 1 -dvd 1"/>
command="xterm -iconic -e mplayer -fs -xineramascreen 1 -vcd 1"/>
command="xterm -iconic -e mplayer -fs -xineramascreen 1 -vcd 1"/>
<blank command="gcombust"/>
<mixed command="mount %mnt%"/>






Eric Lathrop <>
Stanislav Maslovski <>


For the latest release of cdde, see:

0.3.1 Eric Lathrop