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tplist(8) System Manager's Manual tplist(8)


tplist - Display kernel tracepoints or USDT probes and their formats.


tplist [-p PID] [-l LIB] [-v] [filter]


tplist lists all kernel tracepoints, and can optionally print out the tracepoint format; namely, the variables that you can trace when the tracepoint is hit. tplist can also list USDT probes embedded in a specific library or executable, and can list USDT probes for all the libraries loaded by a specific process. These features are usually used in conjunction with the argdist and/or trace tools.

On a typical system, accessing the tracepoint list and format requires root. However, accessing USDT probes does not require root.


Display the USDT probes from all the libraries loaded by the specified process.
Display the USDT probes from the specified library or executable. If the librar or executable can be found in the standard paths, a full path is not required.
Increase the verbosity level. Can be used to display the variables, locations, and arguments of tracepoints and USDT probes.
A wildcard expression that specifies which tracepoints or probes to print. For example, block:* will print all block tracepoints (block:block_rq_complete, etc.). Regular expressions are not supported.


# tplist
# tplist -v 'net:*'
$ tplist -l pthread
$ tplist -p 4717 'libc:*'
$ tplist -l node


This is from bcc.




Unstable - in development.


Sasha Goldshtein

2016-03-20 USER COMMANDS