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BAREOS-DIR(8) Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced BAREOS-DIR(8)


bareos-dir - Bareos Director


bareos-dir [options]


This manual page documents briefly the bareos-dir command.
Bareos's Director Daemon acts as the controller of the network backup system: it is responsible for scheduling and coordinating backups across the network.


Specify the configuration file or directory to use.
Set debug level to nn.
Print timestamp in debug output.
Run in foreground (for debugging).
Set the group/gid to run as.
Print kaboom output (for debugging)
Run <job>.
No signals (for debugging).
Test the configuration and report errors.
Set the username/uid to run as.
Set verbose mode.
Show version and usage of program.


Tcpwrappers looks for the service name of the bareos daemons in hosts.allow The service names are not the names of the binaries, but the configured names of the components, often %hostname%-%component%.

So the hosts.allow entry has to match %hostname%-%component% (servername-dir for example) instead of bareos-%component%


This means that if the hosts.allow file has the entry:

bareos-dir: ALL

you will not be able to run bconsole to connect to the local director!

The entry would have to read:

server-dir: ALL

and this will allow the console to connect to the director. (The process running is bareos-dir.)


bareos-fd(8), bareos-sd(8).


This manual page was written by Jose Luis Tallon <>.

6 December 2009 Kern Sibbald