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BALDER2D(6) Games Manual BALDER2D(6)


balder2d - 2D zero gravity shooter


balder2d [config-file]


balder2d is an arcade style 2d overhead shooter, in a zero gravity environment. In Balder2D, players control small probes which shoot tiny projectiles with which they try to destroy each other. It features a 2D overhead view of the playing field. Probes may be human or computer controlled.

A probe can perform the following actions:

* rotate
* fire projectiles
* "stick" to a wall
* push off of a wall

Players may rotate their probes while in flight, but the only way to change the direction or speed of flight is by firing projectiles (which gives a small kick in the opposite direction) or by running into walls or other probes.


The config file to use


by default the config file is ~/.balder2d.conf


There most likely are some, please report them.


balder2d was written by Bjorn Hansen.

October 14, 2006