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sttime(3) ShapeTools Toolkit Library sttime(3)


stMktime, stWriteTime - date and time handling


#include <config.h>
#include <sttk.h.h>

time_t stMktime (char *string);

char* stWriteTime (time_t date);


stMktime scans the given string and tries to read a date and time from it. It understands various formats of date strings. The following is a list of all valid formats, optional parts in brackets.

[Tue] Jan 5[,] [19]93
This includes the standard asctime(3) format.
With no year given, the year defaults to the current year.
This notation requires month and day represented by exactly two digits.
This is the usual German notation.
German notation referencing the current year.

A certain time, given together with the date must always have the following form.

Each of the fields must be an integer value within the proper range (hours: 0-23, minutes and seconds: 0-59). Values below 10 may be written as one digit numbers.

The time value may be placed anywhere in the date string: at the beginning, at the end, or somewhere in the middle. Any amount of whitespace may be given between a field of the time value and the separating colon. The time is always considered to be local time.

stWriteTime generates a time string similar to asctime(3) from its date argument.




Time Zone Names within the time string (like `MET') are not handled properly. In most cases they will cause a failure.

Thu Jun 24 17:43:35 1993 sttk-1.7