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CHECK(1) User Commands CHECK(1)


Check - Check accuracy of ICC profile.


Check accuracy of ICC profile, Version 1.6.3


profcheck [-options] data.ti3 iccprofile.icm

Verbosity level (default 1), 2 to print each DE
Show CIE94 delta E values
Show CIEDE2000 delta E values
create VRML visualisation (iccprofile.wrl)
Use VRML axes
Make VRML lines a minimum of 0.5
Color vectors according to delta E

-d devval1,deval2,devvalN

Specify a device value to sort against
Sort device value by PCS (Lab) target
Use Fluorescent Whitening Agent compensation [opt. simulated inst. illum.:
M0, M1, M2, A, C, D50 (def.), D50M2, D65, F5, F8, F10 or file.sp]
Choose illuminant for computation of CIE XYZ from spectral data & FWA:
A, C, D50 (def.), D50M2, D65, F5, F8, F10 or file.sp
Choose CIE Observer for spectral data:
1931_2 (def), 1964_10, S&B 1955_2, shaw, J&V 1978_2
r = relative colorimetric, a = absolute (default)
Test data file
Profile to check against
September 2014 profcheck