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UPDATE-AIDE.CONF(8) System Manager's Manual UPDATE-AIDE.CONF(8)


update-aide.conf - build run-time AIDE configuration




update-aide.conf rebuilds the runtime AIDE configuration. /etc/aide/aide.conf and the contents of the /etc/aide/aide.conf.d directory. If one of these files is executable, update-aide.conf executes the file and uses its stdout for the AIDE configuration. For files that are not executable, their contents is copied into AIDE configuration verbatim. The input paths can be controlled from the command line or using configuration options in /etc/default/aide. update-aide.conf is primarily used by aideinit (8), the aide wrapper and and the /etc/cron.daily/aide script.

Debian Packages might drop configuration snippets in /etc/aide/aide.conf.d , which will be picked up automatically by aide if the default paths are used. If you would prefer to control your rules yourself, you might want to point update-aide.conf to a different conf.d directory by configuring /etc/default/aide appropriately. You can then use symlinks to select Debian rules. Or you can edit the files dropped into /etc/aide/aide.conf.d yourself, they are dpkg-conffiles.

All command line settings can also be overridden by setting the appropriate environment variable from /etc/default/aide. Additionally, values set in the environment prior to the call to update-aide.conf are also honored. The location of the defaults file can also be overridden from the environment.


Enable verbose mode, tell about ignored files
Show this message
Do not remove comment lines
Remove comment lines (default)
write output to file instead of /var/lib/aide/aide.conf.autogenerated
read input from given directory instead of /etc/aide. Can be overridden using UPAC_CONFDIR.
read config file snippets from given directory instead of /etc/aide/aide.conf.d. Can be overridden using UPAC_CONFD.
read settings files from given directory instead of /etc/aide/aide.settings.d. Can be overridden using UPAC_SETTINGSD.
write output to the given file instead of /var/lib/aide/aide.conf.autogenerated. Can be overridden using UPAC_AUTOCONFIGFILE.
read main part of aide configuration from given file instead of /etc/aide/aide.conf. Can be overridden using UPAC_MAINCONFIGFILE


main AIDE configuration file
configuration file fragments to be added to the master configuration file
settings files parsed by some configuration files in UPAC_CONFD.
Debian aide defaults file used for permanently overriding some option defaults. This can be overridden from the environment using the UPAC_DEFAULTFILE variable.


This manual page was written by Mike Markley <> and Marc Haber <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

January 25, 2013