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4S-IMPORT(1J) 1J (4store) 4S-IMPORT(1J)


Import RDF into a 4store KB


4s-import kbname [-v] [-a] [-M default-model] [-m model] [-f format] [rdf-file] ...
Increase verbosity (by default success is silent)
Ordinarily importing RDF to a model replaces any previous contents of that model, by using the --add flag this behaviour is overridden and any triples which were previously in the model are retained.
Set a model (graph) URI which is used by default for all imported files
Set a model (graph) URI for the next named file only (overrides -M if it has been used)
Tell the RDF parser the format of the files (if not specified the parser will guess)


4s-query(1), 4s-size(1), 4s-httpd(1), 4s-backend(1), 4s-delete-model(1)


$ 4s-import demo one.ttl two.xrdf

Imports two files into the demo KB, each as a separate model (graph) guessing the RDF format used for each file

$ 4s-import demo -M starters.ttl mains.ttl sweets.ttl

Imports three files into a single graph named <>

2009-07-08 4store