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Xmark(1) General Commands Manual Xmark(1)


Xmark - summarize x11perf results


Xmark datafile


Xmark is a shell script that reads the indicated datafile and compiles a benchmark which it writes to standard output. It writes three numbers:

A weighted performance number for the x11perf results.

A weighted performance number for a standard SparcStation 1, with SunOS 4.1.2, X11R5 Xsun, and a CG3 dumb Color Frame Buffer.

The Xmark, which is the ratio of the two numbers above.

The datafile must be an ordinary file, produced by x11perf in the following way:

x11perf -display display -v1.3 -rop GXcopy GXxor -all > datafile

It is possible to run the GXcopy and GXxor tests separately, as long as they are concatenated to the same output file:

x11perf -display display -v1.3 -rop GXcopy -all > datafile
x11perf -display display -v1.3 -rop GXxor -all >> datafile
x11perf -display display -v1.3 -rop GXxor -all > datafile
x11perf -display display -v1.3 -rop GXcopy -all >> datafile


Temporary file created in the current directory, deleted after use.


Xmark was invoked without arguments or with more than one argument, or with options. Xmark takes no options.
Xmark cannot find the datafile named on its command line, or the datafile is a special file such as a directory.
The file named on the command line does not seem to be a file generated by x11perf in the expected way.
There is an internal error in Xmark.


X(7), x11perf(1), x11perfcomp(1)

x11perf 1.6.1 X Version 11