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SYRTHES4MED30(1) General Commands Manual SYRTHES4MED30(1)


syrthes4med30 - Transform results from Syrthes 4.x to MED format 3.0


syrthes4med30 -m mesh.syr -o
syrthes4med30 -m mesh.syr -r resu -o
syrthes4med30 -h


This manual page documents briefly the syrthes4med30 command.

syrthes4med30 transforms SYRTHES geometry and results into MED 3.0 files.

A detailed documentation about SYRTHES and its tools is available at <>


Syrthes was written by EDF S.A. <>

This manual page was written by Gilles Filippini <> for Debian, from the syrthes4med30 help message.

January 20, 2014