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Sympa::Aliases::Template(3Sympa) sympa 6.2.66 Sympa::Aliases::Template(3Sympa)


Sympa::Aliases::Template - Alias management: Aliases file based on template


  use Sympa::Aliases;
  my $aliases = Sympa::Aliases->new('Template',
      [ file => '/path/to/file' ] );
  $aliases->check('listname', 'domain');


Sympa::Aliases::Template manages list aliases based on template list_aliases.tt2.


See Sympa::Aliases::CheckSMTP.
Adds or removes aliases of list $list.

If constructor was called with "file" option, it will be used as aliases file and sympa_newaliases utility will not be executed. Otherwise, value of "sendmail_aliases" parameter will be used as aliases file and sympa_newaliases utility will be executed to update alias database. If "sendmail_aliases" parameter is set to "none", aliases will never be updated.

Configuration parameters

Suffix of list return address.
Path of the file that contains all list related aliases.
A directory temporary files are placed.


$SYSCONFDIR/domain name/list_aliases.tt2
Template of aliases: Specific to a domain, global context and the default.
Default location of aliases file.
Auxiliary program to update alias database.


Sympa::Aliases, Sympa::Aliases::CheckSMTP, sympa_newaliases(1).

HISTORY to manage aliases using template appeared on Sympa 3.1b.13.

Sympa::Aliases::Template module appeared on Sympa 6.2.23b, and it obsoleted alias_manager(8).

2021-12-13 6.2.66