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sq-keyring-filter - Joins keys into a keyring applying a filter

This can be used to filter keys based on given predicates, e.g. whether they have a user id containing an email address with a certain domain. Additionally, the keys can be pruned to only include components matching the predicates.

If no filters are supplied, everything matches.

If multiple predicates are given, they are or'ed, i.e. a key matches if any of the predicates match. To require all predicates to match, chain multiple invocations of this command. See EXAMPLES for inspiration.


sq keyring filter [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [--] [FILE]


Prints help information

Removes certificate components not matching the filter

Emits binary data

Converts any keys in the input to certificates. Converting a key to a certificate removes secret key material from the key thereby turning it into a certificate.


Writes to FILE or stdout if omitted

Matches on NAME

Matches on email ADDRESS

Matches on email domain FQDN


Reads from FILE or stdin if omitted


# Converts a key to a cert (i.e., remove any secret key material)
$ sq keyring filter --to-cert cat juliet.pgp
# Gets the keys with a user id on
$ sq keyring filter --domain keys.pgp
# Gets the keys with a user id on or
$ sq keyring filter --domain --domain keys.pgp
# Gets the keys with a user id with the name Juliet
$ sq keyring filter --name Juliet keys.pgp
# Gets the keys with a user id with the name Juliet on
$ sq keyring filter --domain keys.pgp | keyring filter --name Juliet
# Gets the keys with a user id on, pruning other userids
$ sq keyring filter --domain --prune-certs certs.pgp


For the full documentation see <>.

sq(1), sq-armor(1), sq-autocrypt(1), sq-certify(1), sq-dearmor(1), sq-decrypt(1), sq-encrypt(1), sq-inspect(1), sq-key(1), sq-key-adopt(1), sq-key-attest-certifications(1), sq-key-extract-cert(1), sq-key-generate(1), sq-keyring(1), sq-keyring-filter(1), sq-keyring-join(1), sq-keyring-list(1), sq-keyring-merge(1), sq-keyring-split(1), sq-packet(1), sq-sign(1), sq-verify(1)


Azul <>
Igor Matuszewski <>
Justus Winter <>
Kai Michaelis <>
Neal H. Walfield <>
Nora Widdecke <>
Wiktor Kwapisiewicz <>
MARCH 2021 0.24.0 (SEQUOIA-OPENPGP 1.0.0)