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sq-key-generate - Generates a new key

Generating a key is the prerequisite to receiving encrypted messages and creating signatures. There are a few parameters to this process, but we provide reasonable defaults for most users.

When generating a key, we also generate a revocation certificate. This can be used in case the key is superseded, lost, or compromised. It is a good idea to keep a copy of this in a safe place.

After generating a key, use "sq key extract-cert" to get the certificate corresponding to the key. The key must be kept secure, while the certificate should be handed out to correspondents, e.g. by uploading it to a keyserver.


sq key generate [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]


Prints help information

Protects the key with a password

Adds a signing-capable subkey (default)

Adds no signing-capable subkey

Adds no encryption-capable subkey


Adds a userid to the key

Selects the cryptographic algorithms for the key [default: cv25519] [possible values: rsa3k, rsa4k, cv25519]

Makes the key expire at TIME (as ISO 8601). Use "never" to create keys that do not expire.

Makes the key expire after DURATION. Either "N[ymwd]", for N years, months, weeks, or days, or "never".

Adds an encryption-capable subkey. Encryption-capable subkeys can be marked as suitable for transport encryption, storage encryption, or both. [default: universal] [possible values: transport, storage, universal]

Writes the key to OUTFILE

Writes the revocation certificate to FILE. mandatory if OUTFILE is "-". [default: <OUTFILE>.rev]


# First, this generates a key
$ sq key generate --userid "<>" --export juliet.key.pgp
# Then, this extracts the certificate for distribution
$ sq key extract-cert --output juliet.cert.pgp juliet.key.pgp
# Generates a key protecting it with a password
$ sq key generate --userid "<>" --with-password
# Generates a key with multiple userids
$ sq key generate --userid "<>" --userid "Juliet Capulet"


For the full documentation see <>.

sq(1), sq-armor(1), sq-autocrypt(1), sq-certify(1), sq-dearmor(1), sq-decrypt(1), sq-encrypt(1), sq-inspect(1), sq-key(1), sq-key-adopt(1), sq-key-attest-certifications(1), sq-key-extract-cert(1), sq-key-generate(1), sq-keyring(1), sq-keyring-filter(1), sq-keyring-join(1), sq-keyring-list(1), sq-keyring-merge(1), sq-keyring-split(1), sq-packet(1), sq-sign(1), sq-verify(1)


Azul <>
Igor Matuszewski <>
Justus Winter <>
Kai Michaelis <>
Neal H. Walfield <>
Nora Widdecke <>
Wiktor Kwapisiewicz <>
MARCH 2021 0.24.0 (SEQUOIA-OPENPGP 1.0.0)