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PBSNODES(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation PBSNODES(1)


pbsnodes - display and manipulate host information in a PBS-like format


pbsnodes [-a] [node_id...]

pbsnodes -l [-n]

pbsnodes -{c|r|o} [node_id...] [ -N "note/reason string"]


The pbsnodes command displays and manipulates information about nodes.


Display information for all nodes. This is the default if no node name is specified.
Clear OFFLINE from listed nodes.
List node names and their state for nodes that are DOWN, OFFLINE, or UNKNOWN.
Specify a "note/reason" attribute. Use "" to clear field.
Show the "note/reason" attribute for nodes that are DOWN, OFFLINE, or UNKNOWN. This option requires -l.
Reset the listed nodes by clearing OFFLINE. Functionally equivalent to -c.
-? | --help
brief help message
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2021-07-14 perl v5.32.1