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Rex::Commands::Partition(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Rex::Commands::Partition(3pm)


Rex::Commands::Partition - Partition module


With this Module you can partition your harddrive.

Version <= 1.0: All these functions will not be reported.

All these functions are not idempotent.


 use Rex::Commands::Partition;



Clear partitions on drive `sda`:

 clearpart "sda";

Create a new GPT disk label (partition table) on drive `sda`:

 clearpart "sda",
  initialize => "gpt";

If GPT initialization is requested, the `bios_boot` option (default: TRUE) can also be set to TRUE or FALSE to control creation of a BIOS boot partition:

 clearpart "sda",
  initialize => "gpt",
  bios_boot => FALSE;

partition($mountpoint, %option)

Create a partition with the specified parameters:

The disk to be partitioned. Mandatory.
Desired size of the partition in MB. It is mandatory to pass either a "size" or a "grow" parameter (but not both).
If "TRUE", then the partition will take up all the available space on the disk. It is mandatory to pass either a "grow" or a "size" parameter (but not both).
Partition type to be passed to "parted"'s "mkpart" command. Optional, defaults to "primary".
Sets boot flag on the partition if "TRUE". Optional, no boot flag is set by default.
Create a filesystem after creating the partition. Optional, no filesystem is created by default.
Label to be used with the filesystem. Optional, defaults to no label.
If "TRUE", try to mount the partition after creating it. Optional, no mount is attempted by default.
If "TRUE", try to mount the partition after creating it, and also register it in "/etc/fstab". Optional, no mount or "/etc/fstab" manipulation is attempted by default.
Creates an LVM PV, then creates the specified LVM VG (or extends it, if the VG already exists). Needs "ondisk".


 partition "/",
   fstype => "ext3",
   size   => 15000,
   ondisk => "sda",
   type   => "primary";
 partition "none",
   type   => "extended",
   ondisk => "sda",
   grow   => 1,
   mount  => TRUE,
 partition "swap",
   fstype => "swap",
   type   => "logical",
   ondisk => "sda",
   size   => 8000;
 partition "/",
   fstype => "ext3",
   size   => 10000,
   ondisk => "sda",
   vg     => "vg0";
2021-09-28 perl v5.32.1